Empowering African culture professionals

We assist rights owners by offering information and rights management.

ARIO's main role is to inform right-owners about the value of their creations and enlighten members that their works are financial assets. We also provide a range of copyrights services, including protection of copyrights as well as collection and distribution of revenues generated globally.
African Recording Industry Organization

Representing African copyright holders

ARIO was created in response to the development where African cultural works are increasingly popular around the globe, something that generates billions of dollars each year. But understanding and collecting royalties is notoriously complicated and few African right holders manage to get their share of revenues actually collected and paid out.
That's why ARIO developed a unique rights management platform together with industry leaders to enable efficiency, transparency and financial fairness in the rights management sector. Consequently, ARIO's members can benefit from a world-wide presence to identify where their works have been used and to collect royalties at different CMO's.

Raising awareness

Informing & Guiding

When you create an original artistic, literary and scientific work (such as music, film, photo, poems, articles or sculptures), you are protected by copyright.

Copyright exists automatically in an original work once it is fixed in a tangible way, but a copyright owner can take steps to enhance the protections of copyright. Registering the work is the most important part.

ARIO works to increase the understanding and to provide tools so members can access information and revenues linked to their rights.

Screening the system

Protecting & Collecting

Registering the work is the primary key part of copyright management.

Through ARIO's rights management services, we assist members to manage and collect royalties in a simple, fair and efficient way.

Once a copyright work is registered, ARIO can track it to see exactly when and where a song is being used, how much money it generates and make sure it's paid on time.

ARIO's represents its members internationally through a range of different Collective Management Organizations.

Capitalizing revenues

Paying & Investing

On behalf of its members, ARIO can track and collect different types of revenues that copyrights generates. It includes streaming royalties, neighbouring rights, digital performance royalties, public performance royalties, mechanical royalties and sync licensing fees.

ARIO accompany its members through the entire value chain. Unbankable members can be assisted to open a digital bank account, so they can benefit from digital transfers and receive their payments in a rapid and safe manner. Members can also benefit from financial consultancy and special offers for social security, health care, insurances, savings or loans.


Promoting & Supporting

An important part of ARIO's mission on long-term basis is to highlight successful African music professionals as positive role models.

That is why ARIO represents on international conferences and workshops and collaborares with events and music organizations in a range of different countries.

The African Culture & Creative Industries loose US$500 billion every year, due to undeclared, unprotected and uncollected copyrights. 

ARIO’s mission is to inform and structure the African Culture & Creative Industries in order to collect these revenues on behalf of the right owners, so that they can recoup the revenues that their creations generate.


Protecting your works imply protecting your copyrights

Becoming a member of ARIO African Recording Industry Organization is a simple step towards a more professional career.

As a member, you get insights to how the industry works and the revenues that copyrights generate. ARIO members also get access to a global presence in the copyright sector through the organization's international network. It implies that members who protect their works through ARIO can collect revenues that their works generate in other territories.

Protect you works and collect your revenues.

Become member

Transparency & Efficiency

through Blockchain Technology

The digital member platform offers ARIO members full insight to their registered works and the different types of revenues generated by the copyrights.

  • Tracking

    We track the use of music thanks to the most advanced technology provided by our technology partners.

  • Analysis

    We analyze the use of music to obtain useful data for ARIO members.

  • Management

    We transparently and efficiently manage copyrights thanks to Blockchain technology.



The ARIO Academy offers different types of tools for its members to improve knowledge and skills. Assisting ARIO members to evolve as indivuduals and as a community is a win-win investment that makes ARIO as an organization become stronger.

Learn more about copyrights and the industry through our library or in workshops and masterclasses.


ARIO members receive special offers to international networking events - both online and IRL.


Deepen the knowledge on how to make money from your copyrights. Learn about new tools.

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